EV Startups in New Zealand

As electric vehicle’s become more prevalent in New Zealand, there are businesses popping up looking to help EV’s spread and change the way the automotive industry does things.

With EV’s being a hot item at the moment in business, EV startups (new small businesses who are launching products and services related to electric vehicles) are getting a lot of attention and where better to think up the new and innovative ways to make the most of EV’s but in New Zealand.

Here’s a list of EV Startups based from New Zealand that we’ve come across so far:

  • UBCO Bikes – An all terrain, 2 wheel drive on and off-road motorbike
  • Evnex – Intelligent charging solutions, finding ways to make electric vehicle charging faster, cheaper and cleaner.
  • ChargeNet – A locally owned charging network.
  • YikeBike – Perhaps one of the best known NZ based electric vehicle manufacturers to have existed so far. The YikeBike gained a lot of attention globally when it launched many years ago and is now actively looking for someone to purchase the company and intellectual property.

If you know of other electric vehicle startups in New Zealand that you’d like to see added to the list, put them in comments below.