EV Conversion

Converting a classic car into an EV to create an EV Conversion has been happening since the early days of EV’s. It was the pioneers in the EV space that helped to create the entire industry by bringing together all of the components needed to make their EV classic a reality.

In many situations an electrical engineer decided to do a conversion and would post online with progress helping others along the way with photos and advice on what they’d found did or didn’t work. This created a growing number of EV Conversion Kits put together for different makes and models of cars.

As Editor of EV.nz, I was lucky enough recently to be shown through an early conversion of a Ford Anglia into an EV and see challenges the builder had been through, what he would do differently today if he started again and where the extra additions to the build made for a very smart battery management system. This conversion has been running as a daily driver for four years now and is still going through additions, upgrades and modifications.

Having also already read through one of the earliest EV conversion stories in New Zealand by kiwiev.com it was amazing to see the similarity of challenges and start to get a true impression of how the niche market for these electric vehicles with the style of classics is being built on an improved year by year.